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UNESCO Transforming Education Pre‐Summit

The Transforming Education Pre‐Summit took place in Paris on 28‐30 June 2022. More than 150 Ministers of Education met with stakeholders to discuss key elements for transforming education ahead of the official summit, which is set to take place in New York in September of this year. The aim was to harness the evolving discussions on transforming education, elaborate on the initial content and establish a shared vision.

The three-day event started with a global Engagement Day and included technical meetings on Thematic Action Tracks and engagements with key stakeholders. It was followed by the high‐level segment consisting of ministerial and stakeholder engagement taking place the last two days.

Strategies to ensure digital learning and expand connectivity ran through the dialogues, in the wake of the reliance on technology during the COVID-19 that further exposed inequities. Supporting teachers to become facilitators and guides for a new way of learning was also recognized as a key imperative for reimagining education systems, while dialogues also placed emphasis on improving the fundamentals of learning and on the question of life-long learning through to the full spectrum of educational needs and priorities.

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