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UNESCO Institute for Education becomes Institute for Lifelong Learning

The UNESCO Institute for Education (UIE), founded in Hamburg in the early 1950s, is changing its name to the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL). The decision was taken by the UNESCO's Excutive Board following an external evaluation carried out in 2005, where it was noted that the name 'UNESCO Institute for Education' was too unspecific and did not reflect the Institute's focus on lifelong learning and non-formal education. The decision also implies a change in the legal status of UIE, transforming it from a foundation under German law into a fully-fledged UNESCO institute.

UIL’s programmes will continue to support UNESCO priorities and special programmes, amongst which Education For All, the Millennium Development Goals, the UN Literacy Decade and the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. Although adult learning in Africa will remain one of the Institute's major areas of work, special efforts will be made to organise programme activities with Arab states and countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

UNESCO Institute for Education