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Understanding Employer Engagement in Education: Theories and evidence

Mann, Anthony; Stanley, Julian & Archer, Louise (Eds.). Understanding Employer Engagement in Education: Theories and evidence. London: Routledge. 2014. Pages: 270

The essays in this collection focus on how employer engagement (e.g., work experience, internships, careers education, workplace visits, mentoring, enterprise education, etc.) influences the experiences and outcomes of the broad range of young people across mainstream academic learning programmes in the UK, the US and Canada. 

Contributors to the book examine issues surrounding employer engagement and social mobility: conceptualisations of employer engagement; trends in social mobility; employer engagement and social class; access and management of work experience; social capital and aspiration; access to employment.

This collection offers a systematic exploration of the influence of socio-economic status on school-to-work transitions, and addresses how educational policy can shape more efficient labour market outcomes.