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UK – Student visa price rise: implications and opposing perspectives

The Education Guardian reports that University heads reacted angrily to the government's decision to double visa charges for overseas students. The fees for passports, visas and chargeable consular services provided by British consular posts overseas are to change from Friday, 1 July 2005.

"UKvisas": UKvisas, a government unit of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office reports that the changes “will ensure that the full cost of providing services at home and overseas are fully recovered without any claim on public funds and to meet the increasing demand, while maintaining high standards of service." The jump from £36 to £85 (54€ to 128€) for student visas is a simplification of a tiered fee system.  Multiple entry visas in the UK, valid for between one and ten years now range from £60 and £150 (90€ to 225€).  The new fees, due to begin next month have been consolidated to one fee level of £85 (128€), student visas included.

Universities UK: The Education Guardian cited Universities UK (UUK), which represents vice-chancellors, as saying the "deeply disappointing" increase comes on top of other rises which would harm efforts to recruit more students abroad at a time when demand appears to be flagging. "This worrying increase has come at a peak time for international student recruitment. The announcement appears to have been timed precisely to make maximum impact on international students who are about to apply for university in the UK," said Ivor Crewe, the president of UUK.

The fees for these services were last reviewed in 2002. 

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