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UK: International graduate outcomes 2019

The International Graduate Outcomes 2019 (i-GO), conducted by iGraduate, is the first study which specifically explores the career outcomes of a large sample of international graduates who studied in the UK. 16 199 international graduates from 58 participating institutions submitted their responses through the iGraduate’s survey tool. Of the total respondents, 5 547 came from EU countries, while 10 652 were non-EU citizens. The results present an overview of the employability benefits of a UK degree and show that the UK degree of international graduates is a key contributing factor to their successful careers. The study, however, presents some limitations, e.g. the data cannot fully capture additional contributing factors to the outcomes of international graduates, such as the fact that some of the graduates surveyed would have come from an already advantaged background. The only known figure concerning the socio-economic background of respondent is that only 12% of them entirely self-funded their studies. 

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