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Two new publications by EUA

EUA. Trends in Quality Assurance. European University Association, 2009. Pages: 84.

This publication offers a selection of papers presented at the 3rd European Quality Assurance Forum held in November 2008 in Budapest. It includes some of the keynote presentations discussing quality assurance from a conceptual and policy perspective. Other papers focus on institutional case studies and show the variety of ways in which higher education institutions and QA agencies work on quality.

Davis, H. Survey of Master Degrees in Europe. European University Association, 2009. Pages: 83.

This new study published by the European University Association (EUA) gives a detailed overview of the development of Master's degrees in Europe. Based on a wide-ranging survey of European students, universities (leaders and academics) and employers, it specifically looks at how Master programmes in Europe have developed, a decade after the Bologna Process was launched. The results of EUA’s work were presented to the 46 ministers of education that attended the Bologna Process Ministerial Summit in Belgium on 28/29 April.