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Two new DAAD Centres of Excellence in Africa

Two additional centres of excellence with a focus on resource management have been selected by the DAAD: “Promoting Academic Capacities for Sustainable Agricultural Resources Use in West Africa (Pro-RUWA)”, run by University Kassel, and “Sustainable Operations for Resource Management and Food Supply (SCO)”, run by University Kühne Logistics in Hamburg. They will receive EUR 4.5 million of the DAAD funding from the Federal Foreign Office (AA) up until 2025.

Since 2008, the DAAD has supported higher education institutions in nine African countries in improving the quality of their education and expanding their research capacities by establishing centres of excellence. The aim is to enable the training of future decision-makers according to international standards in African countries. Ten centres of excellence have received funding to date, each of which is supported by a German university – with the addition of the newly selected centres, this number is now increased to twelve.

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