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Trends Shaping Education

OECD. Trends Shaping Education - 2008 Edition, OECD: Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, 2008. ISBN: 9-789-264-046-610. Pages 86.

What is it that influences the global higher education landscape most significantly? And what should be the basis for policy guidelines? Ageing societies, the omnipresence of the internet, the increasing international divide of affluence and poverty, migration, the emergence of new global markets?

This OECD publication invites policy makers, managers and practitioners in education to reflect on such developments and to support long-term strategic thinking in education. It also responds to an acute need by providing decision makers and practitioners with the solid facts they at times lack on the trends shaping education. The volume presents 26 major such trends in the context of education, grouped by nine broad themes. For each trend, key questions about the impact of the trend on the future of education are raised.