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Travel in time with ACA’s European policy seminars. The next station is: Hong Kong, China

On 12 October, ACA’s European Policy Seminar Higher education in 2030. A look into the crystal ball was fully packed with forward-looking enthusiasts in the field of international higher education. Together, they visited the future Asia, Americas and Africa, and revisited the path of Bologna trying to find out where Europe is heading in the medium term. The pioneers were curious and courageous. They did not shy away from the fear of uncertainties and changes. They confronted questions such as the implications of global demographic changes on global mobility flows and demands for European higher education, and potential threats and opportunities for international cooperation arising from the shifting global balance between the North Atlantic and the emergent East Asia, and the changing modes of academic cooperation expected between the developed and emergent countries. Obstacles hindering university governance reforms, the delivery of virtual learning, the formation of concerted efforts within the European higher education area, were also openly discussed with a view into the future.

As Peter Scott put it, one should be prepared for radical changes as “future is less the ‘extended present’ and more a ‘foreign country’.”

To get prepared for the future, the next ACA European Policy Seminar will examine one of the most foreign countries by European standards – China, which is geographically, culturally and socially distant from Europe, yet closely linked to Europe in the same aspects due to historical and economic ties.

How is China doing today? What is in it for Europe? Are the historical ties through Hong Kong (a former British colony) and Macao (a former Portuguese colony) a blessing or a burden for cooperation? Is China a friend or a threat to Europe? What are the current policy goals and tools for boosting people-to-people exchanges from both the European and Chinese sides?  How can past experiences and a third-party perspective shed light on the future?

ACA will bring in the best qualified speakers from China and Hong Kong, as well as Australia whose higher education has benefited much from the rise of Asia, to answer some of these questions in the upcoming seminar. You are most welcome to bring in your own experiences and questions to this open forum dedicated to Europe-China higher education cooperation.

The seminar is scheduled to take place in Brussels on 7 December (Friday), 2012.

The future is in your hands. Register today to enjoy the early bird discount and secure a place in this specially planned event. For more information about the programme and speakers, please follow the link below.

35th ACA European Policy Seminar – Higher Education in China and Hong Kong: Recent developments and relations with Europe