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Transformative Perspectives and Processes in Higher Education

Amber Dailey-Hebert, Kay S. Dennis, Transformative Perspectives and Processes in Higher Education, Vol. 6 of the Series: Advances in Business Education and Training, Springer 2015. ISBN 978-3-319-09247-8.  Pages: 253.

This book aims to provide insight into the complexities confronting higher education today and to highlight tangible opportunities that exist to address such issues. We are in a constant state of flux, and higher education needs to respond in proactive, intentional, and innovative ways to remain a relevant cornerstone to society and culture. The editors begin by asking how our collective reality might change if the complexity and uncertainty surrounding us were embraced and leveraged to serve the learner and society as a whole. They invite the reader to explore collaborative approaches to individualized learning pathways, networked learning, and a reimagined ecosystem of academia. The chapters are arranged to inform the reader seeking knowledge on how to reshape and redefine the 21st century university, to design and implement courses that address the changing needs of the university and the non-traditional student, and to utilize research on innovative strategies with processes that promote organizational learning.