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Train cancelled

The Erasmus Student Network would like to inform readers that, to its deepest  regrets, the ESNtrain could not depart from Bratislava in March 2009. The ESNtrain was to travel accross Europe during 25 days, visiting 40 cities in 18 countries, and passing through 90 UNESCO world heritage sites (as we reported in the ACA Newsletter – Education Europe in December 2008). The event was to raise awareness about the activities and projects of the organisation and to commemorate its 20th anniversary.

ESN informs that, until the end, the estimated costs were subject to changes. On the departure day, a substantial amount was missing. The sum of EUR 150 000 was supposed to be covered by tax refunds and reductions on the railway track prices. These were still being negotiated in railway companies and governments and the official confirmations did not get to ESN in time. 

ESN International regrets that this journey through a unified Europe, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, could not be achieved in the end. The organisation states, however, that it will continue, with its sections, to pursue the enrichment of society through the idea of intercultural exchange. For further information please contact Bernhard Jäggle (project coordinator) or Matthias Fenner (ESN President).