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Tradition and transition in academia worldwide

Tradition and Transition. The International Imperative in Higher Education. Altbach, Philip G. Boston College Center for International Higher Education (CIHE), January 2007. Pages: 277. With this book, Philip Altbach of the Boston College Center for International Higher Education makes another contribution to the research on the link globalisation - higher education. Tradition and Transition explores some of the key issues influencing the contemporary academic world. It observes that though mass enrolments, technology, the worldwide knowledge economy and globalisation have been affecting higher education, academe remains bound by tradition and university core values. The study also covers issues such as academic freedom, private higher education and the research university. A limited number of free copies are available for readers in developing countries. A commercial edition is to soon be released by Sense Publishers and copies can be purchased by contacting Peter de Liefde at

For other recent books of Philip Altbach on globalisation and higher education, see ACA Newsletter – Education EuropeNovember and December 2006.