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TPF Hungary revamps internationalisation quality assessment

Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) has been at the forefront of internationalisation assessments since 2014, collaborating with the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) to provide expert evaluations until 2020. Responding to a continued demand from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) for guidance, TPF has reinitiated the project, with 11 Hungarian HEIs participating until 2025.

Before resuming the programme, TPF undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the Internationalisation Quality Assessment (IQA) methodology.

The initial phase of assessments, involving exhaustive self-evaluation procedures for both institutional teams and experts, prompted a re-evaluation of the process. TPF, in collaboration with experts, introduced a more efficient "preparation-light" approach, incorporating:

  • A tailored questionnaire for institutional participants focusing on internationalisation.
  • A comprehensive summary of the institution's international activities prepared by TPF.

Recognising the need for more intensive dialogue, TPF and experts are facilitating workshops that engage participants in defining potential areas of development and institutional goals. This dynamic exchange is anticipated to elevate the quality of counselling throughout the process.

To further strengthen collaboration, TPF has introduced online discussions on findings and recommendations from the final report. This interactive method involves experts and HEIs' management and internationalisation teams, fostering a collective understanding of the assessment outcomes.

Acknowledging budget constraints, TPF has adjusted the composition of the expert team. The new phase will feature two national experts instead of the previous combination of foreign and national experts.

In this renewed phase, TPF is taking on a more hands-on role. This includes significant involvement in the preparatory period, where TPF will prepare and summarise questionnaires, create preparatory documents, facilitate workshops with focus groups, and contribute substantively to the final report.

TPF plans to analyse the project's outcomes to identify crucial trends, results, and future tasks in the internationalisation efforts of Hungarian HEIs, with the aim to extract valuable insights for ongoing improvement and adaptation.

The revitalised Internationalisation Quality Assessment promises a more efficient and collaborative approach, fostering meaningful dialogue and insights for the continuous enhancement of Hungarian Higher Education Institutions on the global stage.