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TPF further consults with Hungarian HEIs on the introduction of mobility windows


About 50 leaders of Hungarian higher education institutions (HEIs), on 3 May, took part in an event that facilitated consultation and discussion on the introduction of mobility windows, organised by ACA member the Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) and the Ministry of Human Capacities in Hungary. According to a governmental decree, as of the academic year 2019/2020, all newly-accredited study programmes in Hungary would have to contain mobility windows, in order to facilitate study abroad opportunities of students.

In his opening speech, Mr. László Palkovics, Minister of State for Education emphasised the importance of this tool for enhancing student mobility and thus for reaching the Leuven mobility objective (of 20% of graduates with a mobility experience by 2020), and also for contributing significantly to the internationalisation of Hungarian higher education. In further plenary presentations, participants could discuss in detail progress made towards the Leuven objective, by evaluating their level of achievement against a range of indicators such as credit recognition.  The plenary session was concluded by a world café and an open Q&A session, during which important topics, such as sharing administrative and academic tasks, dealing with the still existing problems of credit recognition, proper partner management, accreditation and quality assurance, were discussed.

In Hungary, TPF – especially through its project “Support to the implementation of EHEA reforms” – is committed to supporting and to facilitating the introduction of mobility windows. This process started in 2015, when TPF organised an international Peer Learning Activity (PLA), where best international practices were presented and discussed. The PLA featured many representatives of study programmes visited by ACA in the framework of the MOWIN project and covered in the ensuing publication on mobility windows. Based on the outcomes of this event, in 2016 a practical guide for HEIs has been compiled by Hungarian experts.

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