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TPF Call for experts on Early School Leaving – European Learning Space on Early School Leaving (ESLplus)

ACA’s member TPF is leading a three-year project in the framework of the European Commission’s "Key Action 3: Support for policy reform" (EACEA/33/2014) of the Erasmus+ Programme, which aims to support innovation in practices and policies across the educational and youth sectors.

The project - ESLplus Learning Space - will offer a wealth of high quality content and expertise on early school leaving (ESL) that has been accumulated at international, national, local and institutional level. Visitors will find the most up-to-date information on ESL with the aim to better understand the broader context of the problem and they will be able to share knowledge and experience.

The offered resources of the Learning Space are the following:
  • Good practice repository - A structured database of good practices to identify and manage students at risk.
  • Interactive statistics – A structured and comparable ESL-related country data collection with an interactive visualisation for researchers and policy makers.
  • ESL-library – A collection of definitions and background information on ESL that will be linked to professional materials and to the explanations of the contextual factors.
  • My stories – Short videos about colourful and true stories of students and teachers, aiming to have a first-hand insight into the problem and prepare the ground for exploring real solutions.
  • Network – in the framework of the ESLplus project, the Alliance for Dropout Prevention in Europe will be established as a professional organisation aiming to reduce the early school leaving percentage in Europe. 

Both the ESLplus portal and the Alliance intend to connect ESL professionals and facilitate the sharing of concrete ideas for improving collaboration within, between and beyond schools, ultimately aiming to enable all children and young people to succeed in school through social media and (virtual) events or activities.

TPF invites now experts, professionals, academics and policy makers in the field of early school leaving to share their research results and good practices and contribute to the content of the portal’s content. Those interested in participating in this collaborative learning process on ESL and co-operate with other experts and willing to use the ESL Portal can send an e-mail to the address:
More information about the ESLplus project