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Tomorrow’s trends: a glimpse at our innovative potential

ACA’s Annual Conference Innovation through internationalisation, which was held on 13-15 May 2009 in the charming and vivacious city of Warsaw, drew an international audience of stakeholders and policy makers in higher education and yielded insights into new trends in internationalisation. Carried out in cooperation with ACA’s Polish member, the Perspektywy Foundation, the conference featured highlights such as Jane Knight’s (Professor of Education at the University of Toronto) keynote speech on new developments and unintended consequences of internationalisation, as well as challenging presentations by Richard Yelland, Head of the Education Management and Infrastructure Division in the OECD Directorate for Education, Hans de Wit, Editor of the Journal of Studies in International Education, and Sjur Bergan, of the Council of Europe, to name but a few. Topics ranged from rankings and quality assurance, marketing and mobility, over transnational education, to ethics and intercultural dialogue.

ACA would like to thank its high calibre cast of speakers, the Perspektywy team, and above all, the participants, for helping to create this top quality event. A special thanks goes to ACA’s new President, Rolf Tarrach, who helped with great charm, wit and expertise to navigate our thoughts towards the innovative potential of European higher education.

The Secretariat would like to invite you to its landmark Annual Conference in 2010, to be organised on 16-18 May in cooperation with ACA’s new Spanish member in spring-time Córdoba.