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Through MOOCs to web skills – a long way to go?

As part of the EU project – The overall results show that despite a high demand for web skills, both among learners and employers, and a satisfactory offer of MOOCs, there are still challenges all groups of respondents need to tackle – learners, MOOC providers and employers. One of them is that potential learners do not really know where to look for MOOCs which offer such web skills. A lack of visibility is thus another challenge for MOOCs providers, who already have concerns about the costs of running online courses as well as about quality assurance. For employers, this means a lack of labour force with the much needed web skills, from domain specific (e.g. game design, animations, etc.) to those relating to web programming. On the other hand, 70% of the learners who have attended a MOOC claim to have acquired the skills needed but that this did not help them find a job. More than half (60%) of the respondents would not mind paying for a MOOC as long as they were provided with a certificate recognised in the job market. 

Still, MOOCs are considered to be the preferred and most suitable learning opportunity with regard to web skills, and they are well-known among the respondents, most of whom have some knowledge or experience related to such online courses. In order to further promote the benefit and use of MOOCs, the European Commission has developed a roadmap of actions. The first step was a workshop in London in May, which will be followed by a webinar in July and then another workshop in September at the EC-TEL 2014 Conference