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The Work Situation of the Academic Profession in Europe

Teichler, U. & Höhle, E.A. The Work Situation of the Academic Profession in Europe: Findings of the Survey in Twelve Countries. In: The Changing Academy – The Changing Academic Profession in International Comparative Perspective, Vol. 8. Springer, 2013. Pages:  290.

In most countries, the higher education system has undergone major reforms in the last 20 years and more often than not the attractiveness of academic employment is challenged. This book, the eighth volume in ‘The Changing Academy’ series, analyses the academic profession in twelve European countries (Austria, Croatia, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal and the United Kingdom), broaching subjects such as career paths, working conditions and job satisfaction, gender differences and inequalities, etc. The surveys of over 16 000 professors and junior staff at universities and other higher education institutions show the respondents' views on the role of higher education in society and the way they shape their professional tasks.