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The value of Transnational Education to the UK

Robin Mellors-Bourne et al., The value of Transnational Education to the UK, BIS RESEARCH PAPER NUMBER 194, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills - UK Government, 2014. Pages: 153.

The UK is a leading provider of higher education internationally in an expanding global market for tertiary education. In this context, transnational education (TNE) is award -or credit-bearing higher education learning undertaken by students based in a different country from that of the awarding institution. The UK’s higher education institutions offer a multitude of transnational education programmes through a diverse and complex range of modes of delivery. Transnational education has grown rapidly to become an important element in the internationalisation of UK higher education and the UK’s education export portfolio. The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) commissioned this research to improve its understanding of the range, extent and value of activity by UK institutions, and how this varies for each main delivery mode. This research is aimed at informing higher education internationalisation policy and education export strategy, and provide intelligence to the sector about the practice of transnational education.


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