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The Triple Helix, University–Industry–Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Etzkowitz H., Zhou C., The Triple Helix University–Industry–Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition, Routledge 2017, ISBN: 9781138659490, Pages: 338

This book seeks to explore a universal innovation model which can assist students, researchers, managers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to understand the roles of university, industry, and government in forming and developing “an innovative region,” which has self-renewal and innovative capacity. It draws from the innovative practice of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), industry, and government in inventing a regional renewal strategy in the early 20th century New England. Parallel experiences were identified in the book in “Silicon Valley,” where Stanford University works together with industry and government. The Triple helix as an innovation driver is also identified in Statist or Laissez-faire societies, globally.

This second edition develops the practical and policy implications of the triple helix model with case studies exemplifying the meta-theory, including:

• how to make an innovative region through the triple helix approach;

• balancing development and sustainability by “triple helix twins";

• triple helix matrix to analyse regional innovation globally; and

• case studies on the triple helix in Stanford’s StartX and the Ashland, Oregon Theater Arts Clusters.