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The Re-Institutionalization of Higher Education in the Western Balkans

Jelena Brankovic, Maja Kovacevic, Peter Maassen, Bjørn Stensaker, Martina Vukasovic (Eds.). The Re-Institutionalization of Higher Education in the Western Balkans. Peter Lang. 2014. 

The book is the result of a large research project undertaken in the Western Balkan region - “European integration in higher education and research in the Western Balkans”. The project had the aim of strengthening the capacity of higher education institutions in the Western Balkan countries in the area of educational research in general, and higher education and research policy analysis in particular. The project was based on a belief that reliable data and solid analysis of systems of higher education and research are crucial for the on-going processes of reform and change that are taking place in a number of policy areas.

The contributions in the book revolve around three dimensions: governance, quality, and the regional role of higher education. The book analyses the changes in both policy and practices in various countries in the Western Balkan region predominantly through a comparative approach. Through a number of empirical studies in which new data was collected and systematised, the book shows how countries in the Western Balkans are struggling to manage between adapting to broader European reform ideas while at the same time handling domestic challenges.