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The power of part-time. Review of part-time and mature higher education

Universities UK. The power of part-time. Review of part-time and mature higher education. 2013. Pages: 60

Commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and the Ministry for Universities and Science, the recently published Universities UK study review revealed a slump of 40 % of part-time students in England within two years from 2010/11 to 2012/13. In total numbers, this represents a figure of 105 000 fewer part-time students in England. The study review is divided in five parts:

  • Part one explains the economic, social and personal benefits of part-time higher education
  • Part two provides data on students enrolled in part-time study programmes
  • Part three provides an analysis of the significant changes which have occurred in the number of part-time students
  • Part four forecasts likely changes in the future which might affect part-time study and enrolment
  • Part five lists important recommendations and considerations in order to address the current lack of consideration of part-time study

Accounting for more than a quarter of undergraduate students in the UK before the significant decrease of 40 %, part-time students are to a larger proportion female than male (62 % to 38 %) and are to 45 % parents. The study review identifies certain factors which contributed to the decline in numbers such as the currently unfavourable economic climate, restricting employer support for further study, and a lack of financial support or loan ineligibility in a majority of cases. A big part of the study review focuses on recommendations related to the insufficient attention paid to part-time students’ matters, the current loan system, information provision to part-time students, and suitable timing conditions targeted at part-time students.

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