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The position of PhD holders in the Swedish labour market

The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) has recently published a report in which it assesses the establishment in the Swedish labour market of those individuals who obtained a doctoral degree in Sweden between 1998 and 2012 – hence not taking into consideration those who moved abroad afterwards. 

According to the report, 80%of women and 82% of men obtained a good position in the labour market after three years from the completion of their doctoral the degree. The sectors in which PhD holders are mostly employed are engineering and technology, followed by social sciences, medical and health sciences, agricultural sciences, natural sciences and humanities. The report also distinguishes between doctoral degree-holders with a Swedish background and those with a foreign background: according to the figures, the establishment in the job market of non-Swedish doctoral students is 7,5% (average between women and men) lower than doctoral students with a Swedish background. 

All in all, the number of international doctoral students who embark on a PhD in Sweden has increased, the report says. However, three years after obtaining their doctoral degree only 40% of them appear to still live in the country, of which 69% eventually find a job. 

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