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The Netherlands: Foreign students and employment fraud

The Dutch Labour Inspectorate recently completed an investigation into illegal employment practices involving foreign students in the Netherlands.  With the help of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and the Netherlands Public Employment Service (UWV Werkbedrijf), which provided information on registered businesses, the Inspectorate reviewed practices at 187 companies.

The investigation found that almost half the targeted businesses had failed to apply for work permits for the international students they employed, or they offered students more working hours than is legally permitted. A total of 178 foreign students, the vast majority from Surinam and China, were found to have been employed illegally in these enterprises. The businesses collectively face fines of over EUR 1 million, while the students may lose both their permission to work (among those who had secured this benefit) as well as their residence permits.

The inspections will continue throughout this year and into 2011. In an effort to prevent further infringements, the Labour Inspectorate, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the IND, will distribute detailed information on the regulations concerning the employment of foreign students. The Netherlands hosts a significant population of foreign students (76 750) and the communication of regulations will be especially vigorous among those universities enrolling a large number of foreign students.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment