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The internationsalisation of higher education: It’s time to invest

Nicolas Charles & Quentin Delpech. Investir dans l'internationalisation de l'enseignement supérieur. France Stratégie, Paris, 2015.
According to the UNESCO figures, France was the third most popular host country for international students in 2012, attracting almost 6.8% of all students enrolled outside their countries of citizenship. However, the French higher education system is under pressure to maintain its market share in an increasingly competitive environment.

Today, foreign students enrolled in the higheToday, foreign students enrolled in French higher education institutions receive a hefty tuition subsidy from the French government. This report argues that in order to sustainably improve the quality of the French higher education system, non-EU students –excluding those at the doctoral level –should be charged for the full cost of their education. The resources generated would amount to some 850 million EUR a year, which, properly reinvested, would allow for much-needed improvements to the system. The authors argue for three main objectives: ensuring fair access to a French higher education for all countries of origin through a readjustment of the current scholarship policies, in favour of the French-speaking area; improving services for the international students; and reinforcing the attractiveness of the French higher education system.