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THE Impact Rankings 2020 : Results announced

THE’s University Impact Rankings was launched last year and is « the only global rankings to document evidence of universities impact on society, rather than just research and teaching performance »  and includes tables on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
More than 850 institutions from 89 countries and regions submitted data across the 17 UN SDG allowing for an accurate and broad picture of the impact of research universities around the world.

The methodology used for this ranking was built on carefully calibrated indicators providing information on three broad areas: research, outreach and stewardship. The data used refers to the closest academic year from January to December 2018 and Universities not teaching undergraduates and lacking validation by a recognised accreditation body are excluded from the ranking.
The full methodology as well as the specific methodology for each of the 17 UN SDGs can be viewed here.

The top 10 Universities of the ranking include the University of Auckland (New Zealand), three Australian Universities, Arizona State University (USA), University of Bologna (Italy), Canadian University of British Colombia, University of Manchester and King’s College (England) and finally RMIT University Australia.

Top performers of THE’s Impact Ranking 2020 are without a doubt Universities in New Zealand and Australia,
 with the latter showing a significant improvement in several SDGs. While last year no Australian Universities had featured in the top 10, Australia leads in THE pioneering impact ranking assessing the social and economic impact of universities. New Zealand’s University of Auckland leads once more the overall impact ranking.
New Zealand and Australian Universities performance are accredited to a  “strong global outlook” allowed by the high amount of international students and the surrounding of developing neighbours. Both countries Universities also count on good interdisciplinary projects.

For overall representation, Japan tops the list with 63 institutions, Russia with 47 and Turkey with 37.

THE ranking also includes a list of top universities by SDG: among them we can find Universities in China, Ireland, Denmark Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and the UK.

More information here.

Browse the full impact rankings 2020 results here.