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The Globalization of Internationalization-Emerging Voices and Perspectives

de Wit H., Gacel-Ávila J., Jones E., Jooste N.,’ The Globalization of Internationalization-Emerging Voices and Perspectives’, Routledge 2017, ISBN     1138100668, Pages: 268

The Globalization of Internationalization is a timely text which gives voice to emerging perspectives as an increasing range of countries engage in the process of internationalization. The pressure to internationalize cannot be ignored by institutions anywhere in today’s world, yet the dominant paradigms in the conception of internationalization traditionally come from the English-speaking world and Western Europe. This book sets out to offer alternative viewpoints. Different dimensions and interpretations of internationalization in countries and regions whose perspectives have received little attention to date provide food for thought, and help to broaden understanding of its application in alternative contexts.

Combining diverse perspectives from around the world, this new volume in the Internationalization in Higher Education series seeks answers to key questions such as:

  • What are the main characteristics of internationalization viewed from different cultural and regional backgrounds and how do they differ from traditional models such as in Western Europe, North America and Australasia?
  • What issues in different global contexts have an impact on internationalization processes?
  • What are the key challenges and obstacles encountered in developing innovative and non-traditional models of internationalization?
With contributions from  international authors, and perspectives from countries and contexts seen only rarely in the literature, The Globalization of Internationalization offers distinctive overviews and insights while exploring a range of thematic and regional issues arising from these considerations. This will be essential reading both as an academic resource and a practical manual for university leaders, academics, higher education policy advisers and non-governmental organizations which fund higher education. Routledge SHARE