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The Global State of Young Scientists

Global Young Academy. The Global State of Young Scientists. Project Report and Recommendations. 2014. Pages: 66.

Compiled by the researchers Irene Friesenhahn and Catherine Beaudry, this report provides a snapshot of the situation of young researchers and scholars throughout the world. From a methodological point of view, the report is based on empirical data collected through 650 survey respondents and 45 semi-structured interviews. The report, however, is not necessarily representative, due to the restricted survey samples on a limited number of countries (Canada, Northern America, Brazil, Germany, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Japan) and a strong focus on natural and medical sciences (together 48.6 % of all survey participants). The report basically tries to analyse the current state of affairs of young researchers and which fields would potentially require need for action. The authors identify necessary improvements concerning mentoring and support structures, a more suitable training for permanent positions, a more transparent recruiting, and better working conditions.

For further information on the background of survey participants and other findings of the report, click here.