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The future is more than just tomorrow

Universities UK.  The future is more than just tomorrow: Higher education, the economy and the longer term.  Oxford, Symposium Books, 2010.  ISBN: 978-1-840362-37-4.  Pages: 16.

Universities UK has recently released a report forming part of the second phase of their ‘Recession to Recovery’ project, which has assessed the challenges facing British higher education in the context of recession and crisis in public funding.  This particular piece was written by Prof. Geoffrey Crossick and focuses on the longer-term consequences of actions currently under consideration.  Of particular importance in this latest work, Crossick analyzes such issues as diversification of income streams and adapting business models, concerns over changes in student choice and post-graduation employability, and the country’s ability to compete in the global higher education marketplace in the face of compromised public support.  More information about this report can be found on Universities UK’s website.

Universities UK