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The emerging generation of 2030 universities – challenging the global status quo

Firetail Limited, ‘The emerging generation of 2030 universities - challenging the global status quo’, Firetail Limited London, 2016. Pages 20

Emerging and middle income countries realise that a strong Higher Education sector is central to building a research-driven knowledge economy.

At the same time, Higher Education institutions in developed countries are trying to tap into the exploding global demand for Higher Education. There’s more competition and collaboration than ever before. This is driving unprecedented change, creating new opportunities and challenging the establishment. The “Class of 2030” is a new report exploring these issues.

Who are the Class of 2030?

This research has identified a set of fast-improving, mid-ranking global universities that is called “the Class of 2030?.

Based on conversations with university leaders across the world, the report shows that a new generation of challenger universities has a unique opportunity to become globally-renowned institutions over the next 10 to 20 years. The report provides insights into the characteristics of ‘future top’ universities, and answers questions as to which type of universities will rise? And How they will achieve this goal?

Fire Trail – Full report