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The changing landscape of English-taught programmes

British Council, StudyPortals (2021). The changing landscape of English-taught programmes.


The British Council has partnered with StudyPortals to analyse the availability of English-taught programmes at the bachelor’s and master’s level across non-anglophone countries. Once the unique value proposition of the Big Four study destinations (United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada), English-taught programmes are now widely available in locations from Europe to Asia, South America, and Africa, with English-taught Master’s in Europe going from 725 in 2001, to 2,389 in 2007 and 8,089 in 2014, as reported in the 2014 ACA Paper on International Cooperation in Education on the topic of English-Taught Programmes in European Higher Education: The State of Play in 2014.

The main data source of this report was Studyportals’ database of over 207,000 English-taught programmes globally across over 3,750 higher education institutions (HEIs). From key destinations increasing their offer of English-taught programmes, to regional differences across continents and regions, discipline breakdowns, study methods, formats, differences in English language requirements and deep-dives into specific destinations, this report explores a wide-range of topics to help navigate and better understand developments in international education over the past number of years.

You can access the full report here.