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The burden of higher education finance

Marcucci, Pamela N. and Johnstone, D. Bruce. International Higher Education Finance: An Annotated Bibliography (2007). Center for International Higher Education Lynch School of Education, Boston College Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Pages: 192. This project examines the worldwide shift in the burden of higher education costs from governments and taxpayers to parents and students. It also details the policies of grants, loans and other governmental interventions designed to maintain higher education accessibility despite this shift. This book is a companion volume to Johnstone's Financing Higher Education: Cost-Sharing in International Perspective, published in 2006. This annotated bibliography was prepared by members of the research team involved in the International Comparative Higher Education Finance and Accessibility Project, a Ford Foundation-financed program of research, information dissemination and networking that began in 1999 and extends into 2007. Online publication