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The Bologna Process – Harmonizing Europe’s Higher Education

(June 2005) Reinalda, B. and Kulesza, E. - This book is a thorough account of the dense network of inter­national organizations and epistemic communities involved in the reform of European higher education. The authors review each intergovernmental and non-governmental organization partic­ip­ating in the genesis of the Bologna Process, assessing the origi­n­al­ity of each organization’s own contribution and pointing out their growing concerns for quality assessment and professionalization at a transnational level.

The Bologna Process is placed in a global context by discussing international organizations active in the field and the issue of trade in educational ser­vices. It also compares with similar developments in Asia. The basic texts that help to understand these develop­ments are included in the book.  ‘There has been surprisingly little systematic research on the emerg­ing European Higher Education Area. This book fills the gap.’

The Bologna Process - Harmonizing Europe's Higher Education