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The ASEM Education Process – History and Vision

Alexandra Angress & Siegbert Wuttig (Editors), Looking back and looking ahead: The ASEM Education Process – History and Vision (2008 – 2018)


Launched in 1996 with the first political Summit of Heads of State or Government held in Bangkok, the ASEM process was established as an interregional forum that has now evolved to encompass 51 member countries in Asia and Europe, the ASEAN Secretariat and the European Commission. Education has been a key area of ASEM since 2008. This year’s tenth anniversary therefore provides an excellent opportunity to reflect upon the past, the present and the future of the ASEM Education Process (AEP). 

This publication creates, for the first time, a multifaceted portrait of AEP – just like a kaleidoscope: The Education Process is highlighted from different perspectives by the editors and various authors from ASEM members and stakeholders. The first part of the publication elaborates the context, history and development of the ASEM Education Process and presents its achievements and challenges. In the second part, key areas where action is needed for future direction of AEP are identified and a number of activities for further development of AEP are proposed in order to meet future global challenges to the benefit of the people in Asia and Europe.

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