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The 100th edition of the ACA Newsletter – Education Europe

No one could be more surprised than we are: this is the 100th edition of the ACA Newsletter – Education Europe. Our first online newsletter appeared in December 2000. Those with good arithmetic skills will notice that we did not produce it every month since then – but almost: only in five months was there no edition. Also, our newsletter was not in those pioneering days what it is today. We started out with a rather basic service exclusively targeted at ACA members and a much lower density of coverage. Over time, the newsletter grew and so did its audience.

A landmark in the newsletter’s history was 2005. Encouraged by the high demand without any marketing, we decided to let the world know it existed, we restructured it into its present sections, we gave it its current format, and we re-baptised it. For only in 2005 did what was earlier just ‘the newsletter’ become the ACA Newsletter – Education Europe. Wait a minute. We did this? To be honest, one of us stood out in the exercise: Wesley Teter, at the time a trainee and today a cherished colleague at Education USA. Thanks, Wes!

But of course, the ACA Newsletter – Education Europe is a collective effort. It has turned everybody in the ACA team into a news addict, collecting and analysing information around the clock. These months, the chief journalist is Paulina Mihailova, but there were many before her, and more will follow. We hope that you, dear readers, are as excited about our beloved service as we are. And that you are looking forward to the next 100 editions.