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Tertiary education in New Zealand

OECD Thematic Review of Tertiary Education: New Zealand. Country Note. Goedegebuure, Leo; Santiago, Paulo; Fitznor, Laara; Stensaker, Bjørn; Van der Steen, Marianne. January 2007. Pages: 79 (available online). Though released in early 2007, this report actually reflects the situation of tertiary education in New Zealand until February 2006. It includes a detailed description of main features, strengths and challenges of the country’s tertiary education policy as well as recommendations for future policy developments. The conclusions are overtly positive, underlining quality assurance, evolution of research and innovation, and the innovative character of the policy structure. Some of the report’s annexes cover a chronology of key reforms in the New Zealand tertiary education system and comparative indicators on tertiary education OECD Thematic Review of Tertiary Education: New Zealand