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Tertiary Education for the Knowledge Society

OECD. Tertiary Education for the Knowledge Society: Governance, Funding, Quality (volume 1); Equity, Innovation, Labour Market, Internationalisation (volume 2). OECD: Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, 2008. ISBN: 9-789-264-046-528. Pages 724. 

Tertiary education policy is likely to move up on national agendas as it is closely linked to economic needs and hopes. Within this context, the two-volume OECD publication, which draws on research conducted over the past four years in 24 countries around the world, provides a thorough international analysis of tertiary education policy across its many facets: governance, funding, quality assurance, equity, research and innovation, academic career, links to the labour market and internationalisation. Its main focus is on policies that ensure the capability of tertiary education systems to contribute to their country’s economic and social objectives.

The report is divided into the following categorical sections:

  • an analysis of the trends and developments in tertiary education;
  • a synthesis of research-based evidence on the impact of tertiary-education policies;
  • innovative and successful policies and practices that countries have implemented;
  • tertiary-education policy options.

It can be downloaded from the OECD website.