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Teaching with a Global Perspective

This book answers the growing call for US institutions to internationalise, create global citizens, and better serve diverse populations. Faculty are increasingly tasked with simultaneously encouraging a more inclusive worldview, facilitating classroom environments that harness the potential of students, and advising students who may need an array of university services or speak English as an additional language. Teaching with a Global Perspective is an accessible, hands-on tool for faculty and instructors seeking to facilitate global classroom environments and to offer diverse students the academic, language, and interpersonal support needed for success. Rich with practical features including Classroom Strategies, Assessments, Case studies, Discussion Questions, and suggestions for further reading in bibliographies, chapters address:
  • developing a working understanding of global learning and inclusivity;
  • identifying opportunities and barriers to helping students grow as global citizens;
  • building confidence in teaching with a global perspective;
  • facilitating courses and in-class participation that promote global and inclusive learning and communication between diverse populations;
  • designing curricula, courses, assignments, and assessments that foster global and inclusive learning and support students with varied needs; and
  • providing facilitative responses to students’ academic work.
Teaching with a Global Perspective bridges an important divide in discussions about globalising curricula by developing readers’ content knowledge while also helping them to develop more effective global communication strategies.