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Teaching in Transnational Higher Education

Michelle Wallace, Lee Dunn (eds.), Teaching in Transnational Higher Education - Enhancing Learning for Offshore International Students, Routledge: 2008. ISBN 9780415420549. Pages 296. 

Teaching in Transnational Higher Education examines current trends and challenges that face students, teachers and institutions of higher education around the globe. Many universities are offering their courses in offshore locations and students who could once not access an international qualification can now do so without leaving their home country.The book clearly defines and takes an in-depth look at the various types of transnational education, including: institutions that have campuses abroad, teach specific courses abroad, and form partnerships with diverse schools to teach jointly.

Teaching in Transnational Higher Education serves as a forum for debate on such insightful topics as:

    • the modification of teaching to adapt to the needs of diverse students
    • the use of technology in the classroom
    • the view of higher education as a marketable service
    • the importance of cultural awareness and understanding in a transnational classroom
    • the complexities of assuring quality education across borders