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Teaching in English: a blessing or a curse?

A rare phenomenon at the turn of the century, English-medium instruction (EMI) has become a systemic feature in some European countries, particularly at the Master level. Even though the growth curve now shows signs of flattening, English-taught programmes have become immensely numerous and popular in the last 15 years. 

As a consequence of this rising attention, ACA decided to dedicate its next European Policy Seminar – the 44th of the series- to this theme. There will be presented the key findings of ACA`s latest (2014) Europe-wide surveys of this form of tuition, as well as many more items: the difficult question of which language - or languages - Europe`s new global outreach strategy should use, linguistic quality issues, the lack of a minimum proficiency in the local language, and the alternatives of qualified forms of multilingualism. 

Are English-taught programmes an advisable means to attract international students who would not dare to study in the domestic language, or are those critics right who view them as a form of tuition where students who do not understand English are taught by staff who do not master it? In other words: is English medium tuition a blessing or a curse? Join the discussion at the next ACA European Policy Seminar on 4 December

Find out more details on the programme and registrations on ACA Website.