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Swissuniversities urges MPs and the Federal Council to resume negotiations on participation in Erasmus+

Despite the Federal Council’s intermediary solution financing mobility within a “Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)”, Swiss higher education institutions (HEI), have felt the decline of mobility numbers and are confronted with an important increase in administrative work. The intermediary solution comprises many restrictions for Swiss HEI, while only substituting the mobility funding part of Erasmus+.

In reaction to these developments, the rectors of the Swiss HEI have published a statement on 13 March 2017 and have appeared in a parliamentary hearing on 23 March 2017, urging the authorities to immediately resume negotiations with the European Commission. By adopting the Bologna system, joining Erasmus and the research framework programmes Switzerland has committed itself to the EHEA. The statement underlines the fundamental importance of mobility for the European and international outreach of Swiss higher education. Structured mobility partnerships within Europe must be considered a pillar of the internationalization of the Swiss higher education area. Swiss universities hence claim a full association to Erasmus+!

As reported in previous editions, Switzerland’s participation in Erasmus+ has seen significant downgrades since the 2014 adoption of the initiative on mass immigration, and the interim solution that provides indirect participation in Europe’s mobility programme is currently secured till 2017.

Swissuniversities - Statement available here in German and French

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