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Sweden: new bill proposes further investments in science and research

On the past 11 October, a new bill on Research and Innovation was submitted by the Swedish Government to the Riksdag, the Swedish Parliament. This bill proposes an increase in the appropriations levels of SEK 4 billion (approx. EUR 462 million) for the period 2013-2016.

The largest share of appropriations is to be allocated to the areas of research and research programmes in higher education institutions. This investment will increase by SEK 600 million (approx. EUR 69 million) in 2014 and by SEK 300 million (approx. 34 million) in 2016. Quality will be the criterion to distribute the appropriations across the higher education institutions. The bill also proposes the creation of a specific programme targeted at young researchers, in order to help them secure funding to pursue independent research. The attraction of top international researchers is also foreseen in the bill.

Higher investments in the area of life sciences research are also a key point in the government’s strategy. SEK 600 million (approx. EUR 69 million) will be invested in research on antibiotic resistance, clinical treatment research and register-based research, of which SEK 200 million (approx. EUR 23 million) will be allocated to SciLifeLab, a centre for medical research. Investments in research infrastructure are also foreseen, namely for the European Spallation Source (ESS) and for Max IV, a laboratory which is now under construction in the region of Lund. The government also aims to support and intensify the use of research findings in the business sector and to invest in critical areas for industry and society. The three such proposed areas are: mining, minerals and steel, sustainable urban management, and forest products and biomass.

Government of Sweden – Press release Research and Innovation bill (in Swedish)