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Sustainable Learning in Higher Education

Marta Peris-Ortiz, José M. Merigó Lindahl (Eds.), Sustainable Learning in Higher Education from the Series: Innovation, Technology, and Knowledge Management, 2015. ISBN 978-3-319-10804-9. Pages: 172.

In an era of globalization, technological innovation, and social transformations, universities face the challenge of training students with the competencies needed to meet the demands of the market and to successfully integrate into today’s workforce. For example, universities need to prepare new generations of students with the ability to select, update and use knowledge, rather than processing facts and formulas. Students need to be capable of learning in different contexts and modalities throughout their professional careers and learn to adapt their knowledge to new situations. This book looks at the university as a dynamic source of essential competencies and explores various skill management models, methodologies and innovations applied by educational institutions around the world. It presents a variety of cases and observations on the competencies developed in the curriculums of universities around the world, with the aim to assure that graduates leave fully prepared to face the challenges of the new economy. Case studies are also included, with implications for practice and policy.