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Survey on the socio-economic background of ERASMUS students

ECOTEC Research and Consulting Ltd. has carried out a survey of the socio-economic background of ERASMUS students. It updates previous similar surveys by dwelling on the socio-economic situation of students participants in the ERASMUS programme during the academic year 2004/05. On the basis of about 15 000 answers from 30 countries, the study explored data in four categories: the profile of respondents to the survey, their assessment of the ERASMUS period, their socio-economic background and their financial situation. Some of the conclusions are:
  • In several aspects, the ERASMUS experience abroad is seen as beneficial by the students (see also in this issue of ACA Newsletter – Education Europe another survey on the ERASMUS Programme with a similar conclusion);
  • Parents’ educational background appears to be important in determining the participation of students in the programme: a large proportion of respondents had parents with a higher education qualification;
  • A close relationship has been found between the economic situation of parents and the financial situation of students during their ERASMUS period. While, in the last five years, more students from average and below-average economic background have started to participate in the programme, there remain important socio-economic and financial barriers preventing students from participating in the programme;
  • 55% of students reported that the ERASMUS grant financial contribution was insufficient for their mobility period abroad.
The study (quite unsurprisingly) claims that greater emphasis should be put into the financing of the programme so as to enable the participation of students from different economic backgrounds. Survey: Socio-Economic Background of ERASMUS Students