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Why international students stay (or leave) after graduating in the Netherlands

A recent study conducted by Nuffic sheds light on the decision-making process of international students regarding their stay or departure after graduating in the Netherlands. The study, which surveyed 680 current and former international students, highlights the important role of quality of life and career opportunities in their choices. 

For a significant majority of international students who choose to remain in the Netherlands post-graduation, quality of life emerges as the main consideration, with 84 percent citing it as either 'important' or 'extremely important'. Career prospects also weigh heavily, with 82 percent emphasising the importance of opportunities in the Dutch labour market, alongside factors like work-life balance and economic stability. 

This comprehensive research, featuring insights from students, alumni, experts, as well as those who have returned to their home countries, offers a holistic understanding of the challenges and motivations shaping international students' decisions. The findings underscore the significance for both governmental and educational institutions to address these factors, not only to retain talent but also to facilitate a smoother transition into the Dutch society and workforce. 

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