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Study in Croatia and Erasmus+ Annual Conference

In 2021, the redesigned Study in Croatia website was launched. It is more responsive, functional, accessible and more appealing to international students who are looking for information about studying in Croatia. The website also offers international students the complete list of Croatian higher education institutions and study programmes and explains how to enrol in studies in Croatia.

Additionally, the Study in Croatia initiative has successfully participated in the 2021 EAIE Community Exchange: Virtual Conference and Exhibition and was also present at various other international higher education fairs that were mostly organised in an online format.

Furthermore, to help better understand the needs of the Croatian higher education institutions and how to provide assistance in attracting foreign students, the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes has done evaluation surveys throughout 2021. In a recent survey, 87 % of Croatian higher education institutions stated that they need additional support in their efforts to attract foreign students. The collected data will help to provide, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Education, a better service to the Croatian HEIs in the framework of the Study in Croatia initiative.

The Erasmus+ Annual Conference for Higher Education in Croatia

The Erasmus+ Annual Conference on Higher Education took place virtually between 8 and 10 December 2021. The conference was conceived as a three-day event with the participation of several key higher education stakeholders. Over three days, the conference brought together almost 300 participants active in the field of higher education.

The first day of the conference was organised as a Thematic Monitoring Meeting for beneficiaries in the higher educations field dedicated to inclusion as a key priority in the new Erasmus+ programme. The topics presented during the conference follow the AMEUP Inclusion and Diversity Action Plan and further confirm AMEUP’s approach to involving underrepresented and vulnerable groups for the possibility of additional funding in mobility projects.

The second and third day of the conference was dedicated to internationalisation in a national and international context and to opportunities for synergies between (higher) education and research. Participants were presented with the latest news in the Erasmus+ call for proposals 2022, with a particular focus on establishing cooperation with third countries not associated to the Programme and on the possibility of using different project formats in decentralised and centralised activities.

The Croatian Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes will continue to be a support and partner of Croatian higher education institutions in achieving project goals and further internationalisation, and we look forward to future successes.