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Study in ACAdemy: Priority Countries

On 22 June  2022, around 30 colleagues from Czech higher education institutions participated in the most recent webinar of the STUDY IN ACAdemy series co-organised by ACA and the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (DZS), ACA’s Czech member organisation.

The Webinar #13 addressed the topic of Choosing Priority Countries for a university’s international recruitment efforts. As a bespoke training programme, the webinar featured presentations of two experts in the field. Eveli Soo, the first expert voice, shared information on how priority countries are selected at the University of Tartu, how this process developed during the COVID-19 period and how they plan to approach similar issues in the future. 

The second expert, Péter Árvai, presented how priority countries are selected at the University of Pécs and shared insight about what they have learned from these processes over the years.

The webinar provided the opportunity to the participants to both learn about institutional strategic approaches when it comes to choosing priority countries from a marketing perspective but also share their own experiences through an interactive guided discussion towards the end of the webinar.

About STUDY IN ACAdemy series

The STUDY IN ACAdemy series was co-designed to facilitate a common learning experience for ACA, DZS and the Czech HEIs, leveraging on ACA’s in-house expertise in international higher education and its wider network of expert contacts. The series tackles a wide range of topics related to international higher education that are of interest during COVID times and beyond, considering both the local contexts and global trends.