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Student satisfaction provides an alternative rating; B) FT business school rankings

A new university ratings system, available on the Teaching Quality Information website, is based on a large-scale survey of more than 170 000 students who completed their degrees in the UK last term. Students were asked to give their opinion on academic facilities, teaching, and support in their course. Overall, the figures show that around 80% of students are generally satisfied with their degree. Philosophy and theology students are the most satisfied, while the art students are the unhappiest. However, none of the included 41 subject areas scores less than 3.7 out of 5 points.  

The results - published in the Internet on 22 September - are designed to give prospective students more detailed information about every university course available in the UK, and enable them to compare how much final-year students liked them. Especially with the introduction of higher tuition fees, students will want to know what they are investing their money in. A welcomed side-effect of this rating, and its expected impact on course choice, is to push less well-liked course to improve their standards in order to remain – or become – competitive.

B) Financial Times business school rankings

The Financial Times has compiled five annual rankings for business schools in:
  • Global MBA programmes;
  • Executive MBA programmes (EMBAs);
  • European Masters in Management programmes;
  • European business schools;
  • Executive Education.

The tables are available in interactive and pdf formats.  Please see the link below for more.

Teaching Quality Information (TQI)
Business school rankings