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Student Learning and Development in Chinese Higher Education. College students’ experience in China

Cen Y. Student Learning and Development in Chinese Higher Education. College students' experience in China. .  Routledge, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon , August 2016. ISBN: 9781138905481. Pages:148

This book provides an essential source for higher education teachers and student affair professionals in China and around the globe, who seek to deepen their understanding of Chinese undergraduate students they work with so as to promote their learning and development. Drawn from interview data with 64 college students in five colleges along with survey data with more than 23,000 students from 21 institutions in mainland China, this book examines student learning and college experiences from the students’ own perspectives.

Researchers with a focus on Chinese higher education have reported on large-scale student surveys that have sprouted in recent years. While these surveys facilitate national and international comparison, uphold academic rigor and shift institutional attention towards student learning, this book will investigate the same important topic but with a different approach that seeks to understand college student life as told by themselves.

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