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Structuring effects of Community research

The aims of this call for tenders from DG Research of the European Commission are the following:

  • map networks of collaboration in selected areas of RTD;
  • determine and assess the contribution and the impact of EU research policy directed towards initiating and facilitating networking activities, also differentiating between the various measures applied;
  • determine and assess the extent of the embeddedness of the major actors of the member states in European networks and the positioning of European players in the global context of RTD and innovation;
  • determine the impact of EU research policy on cross-sector collaboration and assess its impact on the performance of both scientific actors as well as industrial and business actors;
  • determine the rationale for engaging in research collaboration from the actor's point of view.

Deadline: 13th November 2006

Impact of the framework programme on research and technological development (RTD) network formation